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Welcome to my Fundraising Page

Stephanie Moore

Stephanie Moore

Thank you for visiting my page to learn more about how to support me in raising funds for this cause that is very important to me!

The Walk in Remembrance with Hope provides support for those left behind after suicide and raises awareness about the impact and prevention of suicide. The funds raised from this event stay in San Diego to touch the lives of San Diegans through two non-profits that work in this field. You can read more about SOSL and Directing Change by clicking on the links at the top of this page.

I appreciate any support you can contribute to my fundraising efforts. I'm trying to reach my yearly goal of $200. Your generosity and support are so impactful to my community and I thank every single person for every contribution.

If you cannot contribute, that's okay! Please do your part by spreading awareness about mental health, counseling and just generally supporting your family and friends that may need a little extra love during a hard time in their lives. By talking more openly about mental health with your loved ones, you're taking the very first step in stopping the negative stigma that mental health and mental illness currently has in the United States. The more you make others feel comfortable about talking or even encouraging them to reach out to appropriate resources, more and more people will start to get the help they need without feeling neglected or ashamed of something that millions of people struggle with.

Once again, thank you for reading. Please let me know if you have specific questions about my personal journey in mental health, or if you yourself have a story to share.

The very best to you,


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