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Even when we are not able to walk all together this year - we want our
participants to create teams to honor your loved one lost to suicide.

SOSL can help you get your teams together and the fundraising started.  We will be offering tutorials for fundraising all summer.

There are many creative ways to fundraise 
Bake Sale?   Virtual concert?   Game night?
Email for ideas and support in your fundraising efforts.

 #1 Team from 2019 Walk in Remembrance with Hope - Team Invictus

Click here for a list of all teams

     Managing Your Team 

    Once you have finished creating your team page, you may want to invite more team members to join you. Please follow these steps:

  • Click on 'My HQ.'

  • Once in your headquarters, view the menu on the right side. Click on 'Create or Join a Team.' 

  • You will be given the option to 'invite friends to join your team.'

  • Follow the instructions and insert one email address at a time.


      Your Headquarters 

You can manage your account, your personal fundraising page, your team, and your fundraising efforts from this page. Access your HQ (headquarters) from the yellow button at the top right of the page after you are logged in. This page is full of tools and tips to help you every step of the way!

       Upper Left Side:  
  • Edit your account details 

  • Go to your personal fundraising page - you can edit and personalize with messages and photos 

  • Go to your team page - to update and motivate your team